Director: Stephen Wu

Orchestra Corda Spiritus

Orchestra Corda Spiritus

About Us: The Director & Players

Stephen Wu is the Founder and Artistic Director of Orchestra Corda Spiritus (OCS).  He was born in Hong Kong and came to Brisbane in 1967.  He first studied with Dr Liu Chee Ming, then with Ladislav Jasek and John Curro at the Qld Conservatorium where he later became a member of staff.  He also studied with Lyndal Edmiston and Jan Sedivka the master of master-teachers, from the Sevcik, Carl Flesch and Max Rostal tradition.  Stephen is a graduate of UQ and the Tasmanian Conservatorium. He joined the Qld Theatre Orchestra including seasons as leader under the direction of Georg Tintner and Brian Stacey.  He has also been a member of the Tasmanian Symphony and the Queensland Symphony.  He also belonged to the State Orchestra of Victoria and Melbourne Chorale Orchestra, under Graham Abbott, where he played alongside distinguished International Concertmasters and soloists Barbara Jane Gilby, Carl Pini, Mark Mogilevski and Neville Taweel as Principal Second and he has also performed for Musica Viva’s International Series under the direction of Jan Sedivka and Georg Tintner.  Stephen taught at the Brisbane Advanced College of Education and at the Qld Conservatorium where he was appointed Lecturer in Chamber Music and Musicianship after the retirement of Una Morgan.  He was Conductor of the Tasmanian Youth Orchestra and coached the Melbourne Youth Orchestra and and Worland Orchestra has been a regularly tutor for the Qld Youth Orchestras.  He especially loves the Symphonies of Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn.  He has recorded with Corda Spiritus the CD’s Classic Collection I and II, Summer Passion, Winter Passion, Concert Eroica and many others, used for broadcast by the classic radio station 4MBS.  As a professional violinist he has worked with many internationally distinguished music directors* over a forty year period.

Orchestra Corda Spiritus produces a series  of five concerts a year.  Players in OCS are mostly freelance professionals as well as highly talented younger players, dedicated to making the finest music possible for Brisbane audiences.  Distinguished musicians who has regularly performed with OCS include John Curro, David Lale, Matthew Farrell, Peter Musson, Matthew Kneale, Phil Ryan,  Anthony Doheny, Floyd Williams, Joan Shi, Hannah Sun, Diana Tolmie, Eddy Chen, Zoe Freisberg, Chen Yang, Dorothy Williams, Natasha Kalous,  Graeme Dennis, Armin Terzer, Joanna Fairs-Wu and Eduarda Van Klinken. OCS also enjoys the generous support of Brisbane Boy’s Grammar where concerts are scheduled every year.  The Concertmaster of OCS is Chen Yang who has been a most vital and leading force since the orchestra’s inception.

*[including: Patrick Thomas, Hiroyuki Iwaki, Barry Tuckwell, Kurt Sanderling, Franz-Paul Decker, Vernon Handley, Sir Michael Tippitt, Zdenek Macal, David Zinman,Pinchas Zuckerman, Richard Duval, Simone Young, Graham Abbott, Vanco Cavdarski, Charles Dutoit, Nicholas Wyss, Krzysztof Penderecki, Witold Lutoslawski, David Measham, Louis Fremeaux, John Curro, Stanislaw Skrowaczewski, John Hopkins, Myer Fredman, Stuart Challender, John Matheson, Geoffrey Simon, Richard Mills, Dalia Altlas, Pinchas Steinberg, Walter Susskind, Muhai Tang, Werner Andreas Albert, Piero Gamba, Jorge Mester, Georg Tintner, James Galway, Michael Christie, Sir Malcom Williamson, Vladimir Verbitsky, Omri Hadari, Vladimir Ponkin, and others]