Director: Stephen Wu

Orchestra Corda Spiritus

Orchestra Corda Spiritus

About Us: The Orchestra

Orchestra Corda Spiritus (“Hearts and Spirits”) helped launch the inaugural 2007 4MBS Festival of Classics at Government House and has attended every Festival since, with recordings being broadcast and other scheduled performances over the years being professionally recorded and available for sale (via door sales at performances).

The Orchestra fills a special niche in the classical musical scene in Brisbane.  Its players and soloists are professionals - from the QSO, MSO and other orchestras and backgrounds - who relish the additional opportunity to pour their heart and spirit into the great classics, several times a year, under inspiring directorship.  And the dedicated and enthusiastic audiences are clearly appreciating the chance to hear such wonderful music, wonderfully performed, in beautiful venues.

The success and healthy public interest enjoyed by the Orchestra is due in large measure to the people behind the scenes who believe in it, such as Margaret Powell (former Director of Music, St Andrews), and her daughter Anne Warren, and the wonderful folk at 4MBS - especially Gary Thorpe.  Margaret and Anne have time and again spent many hours producing the printing of the programs, organizing door and ticket sales, setting up the rehearsals and afternoon teas, and even organising the shifting of timpani, from various places by co-opting church members with utes and ropes to spare!

The players lead busy professional lives and come together to make music because they want to.  The Orchestra is totally funded from ticket sales, so it happens that the players often make personal sacrifices, travelling to attend rehearsals after long days at work.  But the Orchestra also gives opportunities to keen tertiary students, and sometimes also to nominated, talented school students - A.Mus.A and L.Mus.A high achievers - from places like Brisbane Grammar and State High.  This gives the Orchestra its unique blend of youthful vitality and seasoned, extremely experienced professionalism.

The Orchestra has recorded a number of CDs  (available for sale); and several performances have also been broadcast on 4MBS.

“We aim to bring together musicians and music making of the highest possible calibre - by people who are on top of their game as professionals, playing the music which they love.  This also gives younger players a way of learning from players with decades of experience whilst bringing their own vitality and youthful enthusiasm.”