Director: Stephen Wu

Orchestra Corda Spiritus

Orchestra Corda Spiritus

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About Us: Our Supporters

4MBS has been a vital and keen supporter of the Orchestra, right from our Concert as part of the inaugural 2007 4MBS Festival of Classics.  4MBS has recorded and broadcast a number of our performances over the years and continues to actively help us in many ways.  Bravo to 4MBS!  Click here to go to the 4MBS website, where you can become a subscriber if you wish.

The success and healthy public interest enjoyed by the Orchestra is due in large measure to the people behind the scenes who believe in it, such as Margaret Powell (former Director of Music, St Andrews), and her daughter Anne Warren, and the wonderful folk at 4MBS - especially Gary Thorpe. and at the Brisbane Grammar School.

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The School’s motto: “Nil Sine Labore” - or “Nothing Without Work” - could well be the Orchestra’s as well, for truly this marvellous venture would not have been possible without the incredible passion and sheer hard work of the regular players and soloists, back-scenes helpers and the Director, Stephen, as well as the wonderful support of the B.G.S.  The B.G.S provides a wonderful education - including for the designer of this website, who is himself a B.G.S old-boy.  “Wong wong tarry ya!...”.  Click here to go to the School website.

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